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Baseball Trivia

Baseball is considered America’s game. The old saying goes “It’s as American as apple pie, mom and baseball.” Because baseball is one of our oldest sports, there is quite a bit of baseball trivia you may not know.

Do you know the name of the pitcher that has the most World Series wins? Would it help if you were given the hint that it was a Yankee pitcher? Whitey Ford holds the honor of having the most World Series wins with 10. But then, he started 22 World Series games. Did you know there were two brothers, both pitchers, who each won the Cy Young Award? Jim Perry won while pitching for the Minnesota Twins in 1970 and two years later, his brother, Gaylord, won while pitching for the Cleveland Indians. Despite their Cy Young wins, the Perry Brothers are not the winningest brother pitchers in Major League Baseball history. That distinction goes to Joe and Phil Niekro. Joe and Phil won 539 games – 10 more than Jim and Gaylord. Phil Niekro and Gaylord Perry also appear in a “not so great” statistic. Phil is the winningest pitcher, with 318 wins, to have never appeared in a World Series game. Gaylord follows behind him in this statistic with 314 wins with no World Series appearance.

Would you like to know a little baseball trivia that involves hitters? What father and son have the most career home runs? The Griffeys might come to mind, but you would be wrong on this piece of baseball trivia. The home run father and son kings are the Bonds, Bobby (with 332) and his son Barry (with 700+). Do you know what Babe Ruth’s lifetime batting average was? With what today would be considered an incredible average; the Babe only won one batting title but maintained a .342 lifetime batting average.

There are years and years of baseball trivia you can learn to amuse yourself and your friends.

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